The Tarantula, by Hy Rosen
The Tarantula (Adventures Into Terror #15, Jan 1953)

Hy Rosen attended several art studies (a.o. Art Students League, Chicago Art Institute, Cooper Union High School) and began working as a political cartoonist for the Albany Times-Union in 1945, a position he held until 1989. He began working as a comic book artist in the late 1940s, doing 'Bonnie' for National/DC and romance stories for St. John Publishing (Hollywood Confessions). Up until the mid 1950s, he worked mainly for Timely/Atlas, drawing both funny and realistic features.

He was one of the regulars on the 'Georgie' and 'Homer Hooper' comic books and did art on may romance, war and horror titles. From 1954 to 1962, he worked for Dell Publishing on 'I Love Lucy'. He then worked as a designer for a TV ad agency, doing among others White Tornado commercials. He was however mainly known as a political cartoonist and sculptor. In the early 1990s he briefly returned to comics when he drew 'New Kids On The Block' and 'Saved By The Bell' for Harvey Comics.

Homer Hooper, by Hy RosenGeorgie, by Hy Rosen

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