Fortune Carree, by Andreas Rosenberg (France-Soir, 1950)

Andréas Rosenberg was born in Ukraine and raised in Vienna. Followed a juridical, as well as an artistic education. He moved to Berlin in 1930, where he began his career as an artist for male fashion. He moved to France afterwards, where he joined the Foreign Legion after the declaration of the War. He became the official army painter, a job he continued for 40 years. In the 1950s, Rosenberg did his first comics work. He became one of the attired artists of of France-Soir, for which he adapted several novels from 1951 to 1960, like 'Alerte aux Martiens' and 'Les Conquérants d'Outre-Ciel'. He joined the Opera Mundi agency in the 1960s, where he illustrated 'Le Commissaire Gilles' and 'Les Hauts de Fercombe'. From 1970 to 1986 he produced some longer series for Intermonde Presse, like 'Imogène', 'Les Introuvables' and several episodes of Paul Gordeaux's 'Le Crime ne Paie Pas' and 'Histoires Mystérieuses'.

comic art by Andréas Rosenberg

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