Artwork for the inner sleeve of the Melt-Banana EP 'It's In The Pillcase' (1995).

Sonny Rosenberg is a visual artist, ceramics teacher and sound maker who lives and works in Reno, Nevada. During the 1990s, he was making surrealist stories and illustrations for the comix and record releases of SKiN GRAFT Records.

During the early 1990s, Sonny Rosenberg joined Chicago art school students Mark Fischer and Rob Syers in their punk-inspired indie SKiN GRAFT Comix releases. On their DIY imprint, he released his 1992 mini-comic 'Breadhead in ID Surgery'. He also contributed to SKiN GRAFT's next incarnation as a record label, that specialized in combining their self-published comix with punk and noise rock record releases. Rosenburg provided surrealist comic art to the inner sleeve comic inserts of the 7" single 'Patty Lane/Story Of Life' (1993) by Fruitcake (the story 'Brainbomb') and the 1995 Melt-Banana EP 'It's In The Pillcase' ('Aesthetic Deficit').

Further artistic work
Based in Reno, Nevada, Sonny Rosenberg has for many years taught a Ceramics class at Damonte Ranch High School, as well as Truckee Meadows Community College. As a visual artist, he has been making surrealist installations, including a series of active and inactive sculptures that express the various facets of communication. Recurring themes in his work as science, evolution, insects and bicycles. After semi-retirement, he began exploring the art of photography.

Sonny Rosenberg's mini-comic 'ID Surgery' (SKiN GRAFT Comix, 1992).

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