Monsters, by Alex Ross

Alex Ross studied art at the American Academy of Art in Illinois before becoming one of Marvel's most talented comic artists. He made his debut in 1990 with the 'Terminator: The Burning Earth' mini-series, which was published by Now Comics. He cooperated with writer Kurt Busiek on the all-painted 'Marvels' mini-series in 1994. He also became the cover artist of Busiek's 'Astro City'.

Monsters, by Alex Ross

He went on to do draw/paint such mini-series as 'Kingdome Come' with writer Mark Waid in the second half of the 1990s. Between 1998 and 2001, he drew four big sized one-shot comics to commemorate the 60th anniversaries of some of the best-known DC characters: 'Superman: Peace on Earth', 'Batman: War on Crime', 'SHAZAM!: Power of Hope', and 'Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth'. He then teamed up with writer Jim Krueger to create the 'X' trilogy.

Alex Ross was an influence on Duck EdwingHarald Stricker and Freddie E. Williams II.

Uncle Sam, by Alex Ross
Alex Ross interview at Metroactive

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