Ally Sloper, by Charles RossAlly Sloper, by Charles Ross

Charles Henry Ross was an English writer of novels in the 19th century. In 1867 he came up with the character of Ally Sloper, whom he drew for magazine Judy. Since he was not a very accomplished artist, his wife Marie Duval did the inking for him, and later took over the feature completely. 'Ally Sloper' is considered by many to be the first British comic strip. Charles Ross and his wife sold 'Ally Sloper' to Judy in 1880, and publisher Gilbert Dalziel launched weekly magazine Ally Sloper's Half Holiday in 1884. Comic artist William G. Baxter took over the drawing of the character. 'Ally Sloper' inspired the short-lived the Ally Sloper Awards, first established in 1976, but discontinued around 1982. 

Ally Sloper, by Charles Ross

Alley Sloper, by Chas Ross (1882)

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