Yoske Mayor by Giora Rothman
Yoske Mayor

Giora Rothman was one of the most talented Israeli artists of adventure comics of the 1970s. He was the main artist for the magazine Haaretz Shelanu, for which he produced about 14 long realistic adventure comics. One of his best-known comic stories was 'Melisalda', which was written by Pinhas Sadeh and serialized in 1971-72. Later titles were the war comic 'Yoske Mayor' (1972-73) with writer Dov Zigelman, an epic story about the Jewish armed struggle, and the historical story 'Abirey Hakotel Hamaaravi' ('Knights of the Western Wall', 1974).

The Knight of the Western Wall, by Giora Rotman
Knights of the Western Wall

Another collaboration with Sadeh restulted in 'Cholot Adumim' (1974), a story about the Yom Kippur war. When Sade left the comics field, Rothman continued to write and illustrate comic stories with science fiction elements, such as 'Malkodet b'Mtzulot' ('Underwater Trap', 1974) and 'HaEmek HaKadum' ('The Ancient Valley', 1991). Nowadays, Rothman is a well-known architect, working in Israel and abroad.

Yoske Mayor, by Giora Rotman


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