Ariane et Nicolas, by Paul Roux
Ariane et Nicolas

Paul Roux was born in 1959 in Marseille, where he studied at the School for Art and Architecture. He eventually graduated from the University of Quebec, Canada. Since 1981, he has worked as an illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer. He has a couple of historical albums with publisher Anne Sigier, including 'Missionnaire en Nouvelle-France' (script Gilles Drolet, 1989) and 'Jesus - Un regard qui fait vivre' (script Anne Sigier, 1992).

Missionnaire en Nouvelle-France by Paul RouxHistoire du Monde by Paul Roux

Roux has worked for a number of magazines, such as Djinn, Solaris, Imagine and Pignouf. In 1992, he created his comic series 'Ariane et Nicolas' for which he also provides the scripts. Books are published in Quebec by Éditions Studio Montag, Éditions BD Mille-Îles and Les 400 Coups between 1992 and 2008.

In 1995, he created the comic character Ernest for Éditions du Raton-Laveur, and started the series 'Les (més)Aventures de Max Média, repor-terre' that was published in about 15 francophone magazines during a period of two years. Two book collections were published in 1997 and 2000. In 1998 he came up with the comic albums 'Le Phylactère fou' and 'Histoire du monde ... revue et corrigée!' for the publisher Milles-Iles/Levain.

Les (més)adventures de Max Média, by Paul Roux

Since 1992, Paul Roux has occupied an educational post at the Museum of Fine Arts of Canada. He gives several classes on how to draw comics and caricatures. In 1994, he published the how-to-draw-comics book 'La BD, l'Art d'en Faire', which was awarded with an international prize. Roux was also a comics reporter for the Ottawa paper Le Droit and for Radio Canada. As an ambassador of comics, he has been awarded many prizes. Roux's interview book 'Ils Sont Tombés Dedans Quand Ils Étaient Petits... Et Ils Y Sont Restés!' was the first in the collection Argus of the publisher Mille-Îles in March 1999. This was followed by 'Bande Dessinée Actuelle, Chroniques' in October of that year.

Ernest by Paul Roux

Roba and other artists of the 'Belgian school'
Paul Roux and other artists of the "Franco-Belgian school".
From left to right: Rosinski, Will, Roba, Rafael Morales, Jacques Martin, Paul Roux and Batem.

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