El Pintor Pepito, by Josep Royo Gimenez

Born in Barcelona, Josep Royo Giménez contributed to a great many comics periodicals between 1950 and 1988. He was present in Nicolás with series like 'Boni & Athos', 'Conozca Vd. A.' and 'Vamos Conteste i No Despiste', 'Las Apariencias Engañan' and 'Pepe Smith'. For Búfalo, he created 'Alas Quito' in 1950, and for Topolino, he did 'Fosforín' in 1951. In 1970, he created 'Pintamos Contigo' in Din Dan. He began a collaboration with TBO, for which he produced series like 'El Pintor Pepito' (1972) and 'Tragapérrez' (1988). In addition, he contributed to La Olla, Pepe Cola, Mortadelo and Zipi y Zape. He briefly drew for Patufet in 1971, and with the arrival of democracy in Spain, he produced work for the satirical magazines Mataratos and Muchas Gracias.

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