Tarzan, by Rubimor

Ruben Moreira moved from his native Puerto Rico to the USA as a child. He did his first comic book artwork for Planet Comics ('Reef Ryan'), Fight Comics, Ranger Comics and Wing Comics, all by Fiction House. He took over the 'Tarzan' Sunday page from Burne Hogarth from 1945 to 1947 under the pseudonym "Rubimor." His style was less spectacular then Hogarth's, yet his storytelling resembled the writing of Tarzan's creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Moreira later worked for Hit Comics by Quality Comics, and he returned in Ranger Comics with 'I Confess'. In the 1950s he drew for DC Comics, working on titles such as 'Wonder Woman', 'Roy Raymond' and 'The Adventures of Alan Ladd'. He also drew stories for 'House of Mystery' and 'House of Secrets'. He created 'Rip Hunter' with Jack Miller in 1959. Moreira returned to Puerto Rico in 1958 and retired from comics in 1962.

Comic book art by Ruben Moreira
'The Nine Lives of Alger Denham'. 

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