Beowulf by David Rubin

David Rubín studied at the Antonio Failde art school in Ourense, and has been active in animation through Limaia Produccions and Dygra. The Galician artist co-founded the collective Polaqia in 2001. He contributed a short story scripted by Kike Benlloch to the collective album 'Mmmh!!' and has contributed to Galician reviews like BD Banda and Barsowia. He is the author of the series 'Os Kinkilláns', that appears in La Voz de Gallicia. His comics have also appeared in Tos, Huevo, El Fanzine Enfermo and Dos Veces Breve. Astiberri published his first solo album in 2005, 'El Circo del Desaliento',  a collection of his work for fanzines like Undecimo Xou, Tos, Barsowia, Fanzine enfermo and O Fanzine Das Xornadas.

Detras de la Barra, by David Rubin
Detras de la Barra

Several of his stories for Dos Veces Breve were collected in 'La Tetería del Oso Malayo' in the following year. The book was nominated for several prizes during the Barcelona Comic Fair and was additionally published in Italy and the Czech Republic. In 2008, Rubín published his 'Cuaderno de Tormentas, crónica de los deambulares por Ciudad Espanto', a mix of comic book and picture book, with Planeta DeAgostini. Subsequently, he made adaptations of Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet' (with Ricardo Gómez, 2008) and 'El monte de las ánimas' by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (2009), as well as the original work 'Uxío Novoneyra: A voz herdada' with Kike Benlloch, that was distributed for free in bu the Xunta de Galicia (2010).

El Heroe by David Rubin
El Héroe

He worked with the animation studios Digra Films for several years. When the collaboration ended, he returned to Astiberri to publish his two-part graphic novel 'El Héroe', Rubín's free interpretation of 'The Twelve Works of Heracles', in 2011 and 2012. This was followed by Rubín's take on 'Beowulf', that was created in cooperation with scriptwriter Santiago García and published by Astiberri in 2013.

La Luciernaga, by David Rubin
La Luciernaga

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