Un Monde Absurde by Jaime Rumeu
Un Monde Absurde (Spoutnik #14, January 1959)

Jaime Rumeu i Perera was a Spanish comic artist, who mainly worked for the foreign market through agencies like Creaciones Editoriales, A.L.I. and Dalger Press. Born in Barcelona, he drew his inspiration from American comics and began his career at age 18. His first work was drawing the space hero 'Johnny, el Temerario' for Ibero Americanas in 1948.

Johnny el Temerario by Jaime Rumeu

He was affiliated with publisher Bruguera's agency Creaciones Editoriales since the early 1950s and at the time signed his work "Romeo". He set up many sci-fi newspaper comic strips for the local and foreign market with Victor Mora, including 'Capitán Espacio', that ran in the Spanish newspaper La Prensa, and 'El planeta del horror'.

Capitán Espacio by Jaime Rumeu
Capitán Espacio

He also worked for Bruguera's Spanish publications, creating 'Bisonte Gráfico' for the Colección Dan in 1955-56, as well as cartoons and illustrations for Pulgarcito magazine.  In Spain, he was mainly drawing science fiction and espionage serials for serials published by Toray in the 1950s and 1960s. These included 'El Mundo Futuro', 'Átomo Kid', 'Brigada Secreta', 'Espionaje', 'Las Enfermeras' and 'Robot 76'. He was however also drawing for the publisher's romance title Rosas Blancas. In France, his artwork appeared in SF titles like Météor and Spoutnik, published by Artima in the 1950s.

Romance by Jaime Rumeu

Starting in the 1960s he focused on romance comics for the foreign market. He drew 'Susette' for the Scottish magazine Cherie from foreign scripts, and 'Juliette' for Romeo in Britain on his own scripts. He used the pen name Homero for his work for the Belgian agency A.L.I. from the late 1960s, that included stories for the British titles Tammy and Misty.

Las Trillizas by Jaime Rumeu
Las Trillizas

He returned to the Spanish market with the adult comics boom of the 1970s, drawing 'Las Trillizas' ('Charlie's Angels') for Editora Valenciana from 1977 and 'Simplísima' for Bufafurats Cómics in 1980. He continued to work for the Scottish market throughout the 1980s, although now mainly on sports features. He also provided artwork to the Swedish magazine Min Häst (Semic) and girls' magazine Tina in The Netherlands (Oberon).

By the late 1980s, the comics market was in a crisis and Rumeu was forced to resign from drawing fulltime and become an accountant. He continued to draw comic stories about horses and football for the Dutch market through Dalger Press. He retired in 1991 and moved to Estartit, Girona in the following year.

Rumeu's daugher Iris started a crowdfunding project to finance a reprint of Rumeu's 'Las Trillizas' comic in 2013: www.verkami.com/projects/4850

El Mundo Futuro by Jaime Rumeu
El Mundo Futuro

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