Les Derniers Argonautes by Nicolas Ryser
Les Derniers Argonautes

Nicolas Ryser is a Normandy-based comic book artist and illustrator, originally from Ivry-sur-Seine. He took courses at the Estienne School for Graphic Arts in Paris and specialized in illustration and typography. He explored the field of comics by participating in several contests, while working as an illustrator for Casus Belli and publications of Bayard Presse. With writer Igor Szalewa, he made the trilogy 'Hariti' for Glénat between 2001 and 2004, and a book in the series 'Voltige et Ratatouille' for Treize Étrange in 2001.

Tao the Little Samurai
Tao, the Little Samouraï

He then joined the Les Denst de la Poule atelier in Paris, where he developed the character 'Tao le petit samouraï' with writer and colorist Laurent Richard. The character appears regularly in Astrapi magazine, and his adventures have been collected in book format by Bayard since 2005. The children's comic is also published in English as 'Tao, The Little Samouraï' by Graphic Universe.

Ryser has furthermore worked on short-lived projects like 'Shamira' with Christian Godard (Glénat, 2005) and 'Ushuaïa Junior' with Antonio Tettamanti (Convergences, 2008). He created the graphic novel diptych 'Les Yeux d'Édith' with Jean-Blaise Djian for Vents d'Ouest (2008-2010). Ryser and Djian then teamed up with Olivier Legrand for the creation of the heroic fantasy series 'Les Derniers Argonautes', that is published by Glénat Grafica since 2012.

Les Yeux d'Edith by Nicolas Ryser
Les Yeux d'Édith

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