Inventions del TBO by Ramon Sabates

Ramón Sabatés Massanell was a Spanish artist for children's publications, best known for his longtime association with TBO magazine. Born in Llinars del Vallés, he spent his childhood in Barcelona. He enrolled at the Colegio La Salle in the Gracia district in 1921, where he graduated as a mechanic. A family friend taught him the basics of painting in 1930, which became main occupation in the following years.

He additionally had his first publication in a magazine called Radio Barcelona. He began a collaboration with Cholito in 1932, and subsequently contributed to Jordi (1933) and Pocholo. His work was first featured in TBO in 1934, and he remained one of the main contributors to this Bruguera magazine for over half a century. In addition, he was present in Mapamundi (1935), Mickey i Boliche, Camaradas and Calderilla.

comic strip from Jordi, by Ramon Sabates (1933)
comic strip from Jordi (1933)

He was mainly busy with book illustrations during the Spanish Civil War, but he returned to the revived TBO in 1943. Being a mecanic himself, Sabatés made his mark as one of the main illustrators for Professor Franz's many inventions in the section 'Los Grandes Inventos de TBO', that was started by editor Joaquin Buigas in 1943. He remained in control of the section well into the 1980s, when Bruguera sold their publications to Ediciones B. Besides drawing over 1000 of these inventions, he also created the character 'Casimiro Noteví, agente del TBI' in 1973.

Inventions del TBO by Ramon Sabates

Besides his work for TBO, he also continued to do illustration and comic jobs for other publishers. Throughout the years, his comics appeared in Pulgarcito ('Sindulfo Sindetikon', 'El Profesor Sulfato', 'Ataúlfo'), Cuentos de Pocholo ('El Abuelo', 'La Familia Tragaperas'), Trampolín ('El Profesor Litines', 'La Familia Sulfamida', 'La Familia Pisaverde'), Nicolás ('El Mago Perejil', 'El Sabio Máximo Atontado'), Lupita ('Página de la Abuelita'), Paseo Infantil ('La Tía Nicasia'), Chicolino, Jaimito and Tío Vivo ('Angel Amor'). He also drew 'El Capitán Microbio' for a series of comic books by Bruguera.

During the 1950s and 1960s he drew countless cartoons, jokes, sticker collections, covers and illustrations for children's books. He was also present in newspapers with a daily joke in La Vanguardia in 1960. By the late 1980s he also drew for El Periódico de Cataluña, TV-3 and Montselvat magazine, for which he drew parodies of opera divas.

Inventos, by Ramón Sabatés

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