Angel, by Erica Sakurazawa

Erica Sakurazawa is a female mangaka, known for "chick-lit" serials for josei magazines such as Young You. Sakurazawa did one year of fashion design school and started drawing for independent manga publications and small-press erotic magazines, that were sold through vending machines in the mid-1980s. She also published in the underground magazine Garo.

Love So Special, by Erica Sakurazawa
Love So Special

Among her famous series are 'Jasuto Rabazu' ('Just Lovers', 1989), 'Love So Special' (1991), 'The Luxurious Childbirth' (2001) and 'The Aromatic Bitters' (2002). Other creations are 'Angel' (1999), 'Shitsu no Sukima' ('Between the Sheets', 1996) and 'Koi no Okite' ('The Rules of Love', 1994).

art by Erica Sakurazawa

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