Pin City by Salgood Sam
Pin City (from Revolver 1)

Salgood Sam is the pen name of Canadian artist Max Douglas. Born in 1970, he started out in the early 1990s at the end of the American black-and-white boom with Caliber Press at age 19. He worked for Marvel Comics on horror and sci-fi themed books between 1992 and 1995, but then had a crisis of creative and ethical conscious and left mainstream comics for a time. He has returned to commercial work now and then, with titles published by Marvel, DC, IDW, and Beckett Comics, such as 'Muties: the Patriot Game' and 'Real Worlds: Wonder Woman vs. The Red Menace', written by Glen Hanson and Alan Neuwirth. His independent books include self published titles, and work published by Image, No Media Kings and IDW.

Where the Wild Things Went, by Salgood Sam

Like many comic artists he has also worked in illustration and animation. He grew up the son of Arna Selznick, the director of Nelvana's 1985 animated film 'The Care Bears Movie'. His early childhood included spending part of his summer holidays roaming the studio and learning to draw and animate by watching work on Nelvana's cult classic 'Rock and Rule'. His stepfather is artist, writer and director Jon Van Bruggen and his birth father was a photographer and writer, with several other painters, cartoonists and printmakers among his extended family.

Helpless by Salgood Sam
Helpless (Revolver 1)

In 2002, feeling that there was too little visibility or awareness of the Canadian comics community due to it's proximity to the much larger US market,  he founded and contributed to Sequential, a long running comics news blog dedicated to spotlighting Canadian creators and publishers. In 2004, he was nominated in the inaugural Doug Wright Awards for work on a self-published anthology collection titled 'Revolver', which he relaunched in 2011 as a digital and self-published print series.

Comic art by Salgood Sam

In 2007 he co-created a graphic novel called 'Therefore, Repent!' with DIY author and film maker Jim Monroe, and by 2014 he was working on his first solo graphic novel 'Dream Life', a long running project that, as a web comic, has been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award twice. He is also working on a project titled 'Dracula, Son of the Dragon' with American comic writer Mark Sable, partly funded by a 2013 Kickstarter campaign, and being serialized in Revolver.

He teaches art and lives in Montreal with two cats and his partner.

Dracula by Salgood Sam

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