Les Tuniques Bleues, by Louis Salvérius
Les Tuniques Bleues - Un chariot dans l'Ouest

Louis Salvérius, who mostly signed his work Salvé, is known as the initial artist of the successful series 'Les Tuniques Bleues' in Spirou. He was born in Soignies and after fulfilling his military service, he began working at the art studio of the publishing house Dupuis in 1955, and remained employed there until 1970. His first illustrations were published in Risque-Tout, and since then, he provided countless realistic and humorous drawings for Spirou.

Ginarino, by Louis Salverius

He did the lay-outs for the pocket book collections 'Les Merveilles de la Vie' and 'Gags de Poche', and also worked as a cameraman at the animation department TVA Dupuis for a while. By 1959, Salvé also turned to comics, starting with a Cécémel advertising comic and a couple of center-folded mini-books scripted by Yvan Delporte, Maurice Rosy, Serge Gennaux and Bob de Groot.

Petit Cactus by Salvé

He specialized in comical western series, initially for the mini-books section. Throughout the 1960s, Salvé made various mini-books with characters like 'Tim et Tom' with Jacques Devos and 'Petit Cactus' with Deliège. For Spirou's normal pages, he made the Indian gag series 'Whamoka et Whikilowat' with Devos (1963-67), and later on, three short stories starring 'Ginarino le Sicilien' with Gavazzi (1967-68). In addition, he cooperated with Jamic on the illustrations for western books in the Carrousel collection.

Spirou cover by Louis Salverius

In 1968, Salvérius began his collaboration with scriptwriter Raoul Cauvin. Together they created the popular series 'Les Tuniques Bleues', a comical series about the American cavalry during the American Civil War, that could fill the gap after Morris departed with his 'Lucky Luke' comic. Initially creating a series of short stories and gags, Salvé assumed a semi-realistic style for longer continuing stories, that were also published in book format by Dupuis from 1970.

Les Tuniques Bleues, by Louis Salvérius
Les Tuniques Bleues

Unfortunately, Salvérius died while working on the fourth long story, and never experienced the present-day success of the series. The artwork of 'Les Tuniques Bleues' was taken over by Willy Lambil. The original short stories and gags by Salvérius and Cauvin from the late 1960s were collected in two books by Dupuis in 1984.

Photocomic starring Salverius and Cauvin
Salverius and Cauvin starring in a photo-comic


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