Sequential cartoon about the 1978 World Cup, held in Argentina during its military dictatorship.

Sam was the pseudonym of a late-20th century Belgian cartoonist. He was the house cartoonist of the Belgian Communist Party AMADA/TPO (nowadays the PTB/PVDA) between 1975 and 1985. Apart from one-panel gag cartoons, he also made a few comic strips, usually targeting business people and politicians.

Most of Sam's cartoons appeared in the weekly party magazine, named after the abbreviation of the party name, AMADA ("Alle Macht Aan De Arbeiders", meaning "All Power To The Workers"). In 1981 it was renamed to Konkreet, and already in the following year to Solidair, its current title. The magazine represented the Marxist–Leninist and Maoist political stream in Belgium. Sam's cartoons aimed at both the USA and the Soviet Union, blaming both sides for the global arms race. Cartoons by Sam also appeared in the book collection ''t Feest is over: Politieke cartoons' (EPO, 1979).

Cartoon accusing USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev for not sticking to the 1975 Helsinki Accords about disarmament.

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