Guiby by Sampar

Samuel Parent is an author, illustrator and self-taught cartoonist from Victoriaville, Québec. He works under the pen name Sampar as an illustrator for children's publications and books. He first came to notice in the pages of the comic magazine Safarir. His comics creation 'Émile' became a well-known character in Québec, and also knew popularity in the States and Australia through Nuts magazine. He began his longterm collaboration with Alain M. Bergeron in 1996. Their first work was a series of gags based on Santa Claus, that were published in Le Journal de Montréal.

Billy Stuart by SamparBilly Stuart by Sampar

In 2001, Parent and Bergeron teamed up with Michel Quintin to launch 'Savais-tu?' ('Did you know?'), a collection of humorous documentaries in a comic style. The duo is furthermore the creator of the award-winning children's comics 'Captain Static' (2007) and 'Billy Stuart' (2011). He started his solo comic about the superbaby 'Guiby' in 2013.

Captain Static by Sampar
Captain Static

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