Blue Demon, by Horacio Sandoval
Blue Demon

Horacio Sandoval was born in Mexico City. He is a comic book artist, working through the ¡Ka-Boom! studio. His first professional assignment (1989-90) was as the artist of 'Los Pequeños Muppets' ('Muppet Babies', based on Jim Henson's creations), 'Los Picapiedra' ('The Flintstones'), 'Los Pequeños Picapiedra' ('The Flintstone Kids') and 'Tom & Jerry' (the last three based on Hanna-Barbera creations) .

Los Pequeños Muppets, by Horacio Sandoval
Los Pequeños Muppets

He worked as the artist for Editorial Toukan's 'Dragon Ball' (overviewed by the author, Akira Toriyama, himself), 'Supercampeones' ('Captain Tsubasa') and project 'Bugs' (1994-1996). In 1995, he joined the ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio. He worked in ¡Ka-Boom! el Cómic #0, as the artist for the 'Spectrum' character (later known as 'Xpctrm'), for Editorial Antea.

story for Editorial Toukan by Horacio Sandoval
comic art for Editorial Toukan

He collaborated on the 'Karmatrón y los Transformables' animation short production with ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio and Ramm Productions (1997). He is the only Mexican, after Oscar González Loyo, who is an official 'Simpsons Comics' artist for Bongo Comics (based on Matt Groening's creations).

Dragon Ball, by Horacio Sandoval
Dragon Ball

Sandoval made the artwork for the Mexican Government Presidency, '2 de Julio, 'El cambio en México ya nadie lo para' (2002), and 'Acciones' (2003), for President Vicente Fox' administration. From July to October 2005, he worked in the monthly title 'Blue Demon Jr., El Legado', along with writer Susana Romero. He is the brother of Gerardo Sandoval.

Blue Demon, by Horacio Sandoval

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