The Born Loser, by Chip Sansom

Chip Sansom is the son of cartoonist Art Sansom, whom he succeeded on the newspaper comic 'The Born Loser'. Born, raised and living in Cleveland, Ohio, he is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University in English and Management Science. He turned to cartooning when the first started to work with his father on 'The Born Loser' in 1977. He became a full-time assistant to his father in 1979 and throughout the 1980s, Chip's role increased on the drawing and writing duties. Chip Sansom has been writing and drawing 'The Born Loser' for Universal Press Syndicate since his father's death in 1991. Chip and Art Sansom have also co-created the comic strip 'Dusty Chaps' in the early 1980s.

The Born Loser by Art Sansom

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