Képes Krónika by Endre Sarlos
Képes Krónika

Endre Sarlós is a Hungarian comic book artist and one of the last representatives of the old school of classic comic book adaptations.

He was born on 22 October 1938 in Szigetvár. A self-taught artist, he initially worked as full time visual merchandiser/illustrator at the leather factory of Pécs.

Acélápa by Endre Sarlós
István Nemere's Acélcápa (Steel shark)

He debuted with his classic realist style in the pages of Tolna Megyei Néplap in 1965. Later, his works would also appear in Dunántúli Napló, Képes Újság, Ifjúsági Magazin and Hepiend. He began drawing comics for Füles in 1974, based on scripts by Károly Csonkaréti. Later, from 1976 onwards, Sarlós collaborated with scriptwriter Tibor Cs. Horváth.

Pumas high and low by Endre Sarlös
Pumas high and low

In 1986 Képírás published his first colored comics: 'The wonderful life of Earl Lajos Marsigli' and 'Képes Krónika'. After 1989, his adaptations were usually based on scripts by Ferenc Kiss. He won the comic book competition announced by the General management of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) with his work based on the diary of Antal Gyurits: 'Escape to Debreczen'. Sarlós introduced and established the genre of historical comics in Hungary.

Requiem for an army by Endre Sarlos
Requiem for an army

In 1983, he finished his 80-page graphic novel based on István Nemeskürty's 'Requiem for an army'. The comic story would later become a great success at the exhibition organized by the Museum of Pécs on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Second Army's breakthrough at river Don. In 2005, Családi Vasárnapi Újság (a weekly publication) ventured to bring out a shortened version of the work.

Endre Sarlós comic book collectionEndre Sarlós comic book collection

Sarlós's most prestigious work is '1566, Szigetvár ostroma', a 90-page adaptation of the story of the defenders of Szigetvár fighting the Ottoman Empire. This graphic novel was also published in a hardcover leatherbound oversized exclusive format. From 2007 onwards, Windom Kiadó (Windom Comics) has been publishing his best comics in A5 size single volumes.

Endre Sarlös
Endre Sarlös self-portrait

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