Marzi by Sylvain Savoia

Sylvain Savoia is a French comic book artist, known for his collaborations with Jean-David Morvan, and for drawing his partner's autobiographical series 'Marzi'. Born in Reims, Savoia began his career together with Morvan in 1985. Together, they published their work in the fanzine Hors-Gabarit and they went to study at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Belgium, in 1988. During his studies, Savoia contributed to the magazine Zygus and to Lombard's young talent magazine Jet.

Together with Morvan, he made his album debut with the western 'Reflets Perdus', that was published by Zenda in 1993. Zenda was purchased by Glénat shortly afterwards, and Savoia and Morvan became part of this publisher's euro-manga label Akira. They started their Atelier 510 TTC in Reims together with Philippe Buchet and added the colorists Christian Lerolle and Franck Gureghian to the team. They launched the series 'Nomad' on the Akira label in 1994. Savoia and Buchet co-produced the artwork of the first two books, and then Savoia drew the three following books on his own, until the series' end in 2000.

Al'Togo, by Sylvain Savoia

At this point, Savoia was also a productive artist for advertisements, posters and corporate communications. He launched another comic with Morvan in 2003, this time at Dargaud. The detective serial 'Al'Togo' ran until 2010. In 2013, they duo started a sequel to their 'Nomad' series called 'Nomad 2.0', for which Savoia shares the art credits with Julien Carette.

It was in 2004 when he started drawing his life partner Marzena Sowa's autobiographical stories about her childhood in 1980s-era Poland. The series 'Marzi' deals with life under communism, food shortages, and her childish escapades, and is published by Dupuis. The series has also found its way to the Polish market, published by Egmont.

Nomad, by Sylvain Savoia

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