comic art by Otello Scarpelli
Comic art by Otello Scarpelli.

Otello Scarpelli was born in 1928 in Rome, and studied at the Liceo Artistico. He held long collaborations with the Italian magazines Il Vittorioso (1956-68) and Il Giornalino (1965-2002). For the latter, he made many historic strips and a series based on the work of Emilio Salgari with scripts by Piero Canotto. With Renata Gelardini, he made the series 'Dev Bardai' in the 1970s. Scarpelli was also present on the French market with 'Ivanhoe' comics for the French publisher Mon Journal in the 1960s (about 200 episodes).

Ivanhoe, by Otello Scarpelli

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