Sir Ballantime, by Chris Scheuer
'Sir Ballantime'. 

Chris Scheuer was born in Steiermark, Austria. He got interested in comics in the 1970s, and he published his first work in the magazines Schwermetall and Comic Forum in the early 1980s. He was noticed as a comic artist in 1982, when a first collection of his short comic stories was published. 'Sheshiva', Scheuer's first comic album, was published in Austria in 1983. His career went ahead with the 1984 Max und Moritz Award as best German-language artist.

Marie Jade by Chris Scheuer
'Marie Jade' (1986).

Scheuer was asked by Dargaud to work for Charlie Mensuel ('Marie Jade' with Rodolphe, 1986), and later for Pilote et Charlie. He moved to Hamburg in 1988 to get more advertising assignments and to create 'Sir Ballantime' with writer Wolfgang Mendl, a comic published in Moxxito and Morgana. After having lived in Austria for a while again, he returned to Hamburg in 2000, where he is mainly active as a storyboard artist for television.

Locomotiv, by Chris Scheuer

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