From Fliegende Blätter by Hans Schliessmann
Der Staatsanwalt während der Rede des Vertheidigers (Fliegende Blätter, 1881)

Hans Schliessmann was an Austrian illustrator. Born in Mainz, Germany, he moved to Austria with his family when still a child in 1857. He started publishing in Humoristischen Blättern in 1874, and in Kikeriki from 1880. He also drew for the weekly Wiener Luft during the 1880s, while also contributing drawings and picture stories for Fliegende Blätter from Munich. He was especially noted for his drawings about everyday life in Vienna, that he published in magazines as well as an installment of the 'Österreichischen Monarchie in Wort und Bild' encyclopedia. His favorite characters were musicians, sportsmen and soldiers.

From Fliegende Blätter by Hans Schliessmann
Der Globus und die Katze (Fliegende Blätter 1795, 1879)

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