De Rode Ridder, by Claus Scholz
De Rode Ridder album 218 - 'Doodbrenger' (2008).

Claus D. Scholz began his career as a shop-window decorator in Wolfsburg, Germany. His true passion was comics however, and Scholz headed for Antwerp, Belgium, to join the Vandersteen studios in 1972. Vandersteen was not in need of anyone, so he went to work for Frank Sels. For seven years, he cooperated with Sels on the scenarios and inking of 'Silberpfeil', a series for the German market. From 1979, Scholz did some short stories and illustrations in Tintin, all in the western genre. He also did about 150 covers for Marvel Germany, as well as television and film satires for Kaputt, the German edition of Cracked magazine.

James Leigh, by Claus D. Scholz
James Leigh - 'Jungle' (Suske en Wiske Familiestripboek, 1989).

Between 1982 and 1984, Scholz pencilled and inked about 30 'Bessy' stories for Vandersteen's studio in Antwerp. In addition, he was present in Robbedoes with 'James Leigh' in 1984. In 1988 he collaborated with Merho on the album 'De Spray-Historie' (1988) of his series 'De Kiekeboes'. During the story parodies of commercial breaks take place, drawn by Scholz. Merho deliberately wanted these "commercials" to look graphically different from his own cartoony style to provide a contrast. He felt the jokes would work much better if it looked like a real-life TV commercial. Indeed, the realistically portrayed people praising fictious and ludicrous products make the entire premise far more absurd. In 1989, Scholz also made a 'James Leigh' story for Suske en Wiske Familiestripboek. Scholz did illustration work for the Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij from 1985 to 1995. He cooperated with Hec Leemans as an inker on the series 'Bakelandt' from 1986, and produced some short stories for the Dutch girls' magazine Tina. Scholz took over 'De Rode Ridder' with writer Martin Lodewijk after the death of Karel Biddeloo in 2004. For his later albums, he worked with the writers Marc Legendre and Peter van Gucht, or he wrote his own stories. He announced his retirement in 2015.

In 2012 Scholz paid graphic homage to Marc Sleen in 'Marc Sleen 90. Liber Amicorum' (Standaard Uitgeverij), a book that celebrated Sleen's 90th anniversary. 

Rode Ridder by Claus
De Rode Ridder 243 - 'De Hellevliet'.

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