Scooter Tremblay by Robert Schoolcraft
Scooter Tremblay - 'Les Cavernes de St-Léonard''.

Robert Schoolcraft is a Canadian comic artist, author and illustrator. During the 1970s and early 1980s, he was an editor, letterer and comic artist with the publishing house Éditions Héritage, making comic features like 'Barbana' and 'Capitaine Cosmos' and editing the magazine Odyssée. His sci-fi adventure comic 'Scooter Tremblay' (1982-1983) ran in the newspaper La Presse, after which Schoolcraft moved to the USA, where he has worked as a professional illustrator and graphic artist.

Early life
Schoolcraft was born in 1949 in Montreal in the Province of Quebec. He grew up enjoying Walt Disney comics and movies, and then moved on to Archie Comics and Marvel Comics. By the age of 15, he had read every Jules Verne book and this master of science fiction remained a lifelong inspiration to him. Coming from a French-Canadian family of 11 children, there was no opportunity for him to go to college and learn a trade. In terms of art and writing, he is completely self-taught. In his teens, Schoolcraft did some odd illustration jobs. While serving in the Canadian Navy, he designed the spinnaker sail of the Ketch HMCS Oriole and drew cartoons for the local newspaper. After he left the Navy, his professional career took off. 

'Capitaine Cosmos'.

Éditions Héritage
In the late 1970s and first half of the 1980s, Schoolcraft was associated as translator, letterer and artist with Les Éditions Héritage, the publisher of French-language editions of the US superhero comic books by Marvel Comics. Schoolcraft was not only a letterer for the publisher's translated comic books, he also edited and illustrated the science fiction magazine Odyssée, of which two issues appeared in 1979. The magazine contained Schoolcraft's comic feature 'Barbana', but also work by Serge Ferrand, Zoran Vanjaka, Juan Raggo, Stéphane Delaprée, Gérard Fresne and Charles Nguyen Vinh. With writer Raymond Turcotte, Schoolcraft drew the original comic book series 'Capitaine Cosmos' (1980-1981) for Héritage, based on the Canadian sci-fi children's TV show 'Les Satellipopettes'.

Scooter Tremblay
Between 20 March 1982 and 31 December 1983, Schoolcraft was present in La Petite Presse, the weekly comics supplement of newspaper La Presse, with the sci-fi adventure comic serial 'Scooter Tremblay'. The paper ran five full episodes, in which Scooter prevented a kidnapping at the Montréal Grand Prix, fought a malicious scientist and his gang of murderous monsters and thwarted a fooled messiah who wanted to start a nuclear war. The sixth episode was left unfinished when the color comic supplement was dropped. Schoolcraft also worked for the publishing house Les Éditions Paulines, before settling in New York in 1986.

NYC Subway by Robert Schoolcraft
Storyboard art for the NYC Subway.

New York
In the United States, Schoolcraft focused on illustration and commercial art. He specialized in storyboards for TV commercials and web presentations. He also made portrait and landscape art. Among his clients were MS BookS Publishing, Prentice-Hall, Golden Books, Oxford University Press, Publications International, Municipal Police Institute of Boston, and other clients in Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA. In addition, Schoolcraft has independently released several fiction novels, including 'Murder on a One-Man Island' (2016), 'Orimha the Rock' (2017), 'The Pirate and the Monk' (2018) and 'Freedom Creek' (2018). His novels are often based on historical tales and sharing the theme of "humans as citizens of the Earth". Later comic book work includes  contributions to 42life, a Christian magazine used in British secondary schools.

In 2021, Schoolcraft self-published a reworked comic book based on his standout 'Scooter Tremblay' episode, 'Les Cavernes de Saint-Léonard', in which the hero discovers a secret in Montreal's Saint-Leonard Cavern.

Surviving the gangs by Robert Schoolcraft
'Surviving the Gangs' (short story for 42life, 2012). 

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