From Balloon Vendor, by Fred Schrier

Fred Schrier was an underground comix artist in the 1970s. He drew mainly for Rip-Off Press, where he contributed to Mother's Oats Comix #1, 2 and 3 (1969-70-76), Hydrogen Bomb and Biochemical Warfare Funnies (1970), Silent Majority Comix (1970), Skull Comix #1 (1970), Balloon Vendor Comix (1971), Rip-Of Review of Western Culture (1972), Uncle Sam Takes LSD (1972), and Rip-Off Comix #3 (1976). He was also present in Meef #1 at The Overland Vegetable Stagecoach Productions (1971), Last Gasp's Slow Death Funnies #1 (1970), and Print Mint's Yellow Dog Comics.

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