Lurchi, by Heinz Schubel

German artist Heinz Schubel was the longtime illustrator of 'Lurchi', a well-known series of illustrated advertising stories for the Salamander shoe firm. Born in Langenöls, Schlesien, Schubel began drawing at an early age, inspired by Wilhelm Busch. After World War I, he and his family moved to Freiburg. There, he began a study in lithography in 1920, and also took on watercolor painting.

Starting in the 1920s, Schubel has been active as an advertising artist, doing assignments for the Tetisoop detergent and the Räthligerstuben hotel in Freiburg. From the 1930, he was also active as a book illustrator, among others for the children's books of Loewes Verlag Ferdinand Carl in Stuttgart. Drafted in the Wehrmacht, Schubel continued to draw during World War II. He was captured by the Russians and imprisoned until 1950. Upon his release, he returned to book illustration for Loewes as well as the Frans Schneider Verlag in Munich.

In 1951, he was assigned by the Salamander firm to do a relaunch of the 'Lurchi' books. Five book with the little salamander had appeared before the War with illustrations by an unknown artist. Schubel accepted and worked on the 'Lurchi' books for the following decades, until 1972. He redrew the first pre-War books, and did books 6 through 52. The books contained stories in sequential pictures, with a text in rhyme underneath them. Heinz Schubel spent his final years in Esslingen, near Stuttgart.

Lurchi, by Heinz Schubel

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