Turno de Noche, by Matthias Schulteiss 1989
'Turno de Noche'.

Matthias Schultheiss was born in 1946 in Neurenberg. After following artistic studies, he worked as an advertising illustrator for ten years. Drawn to storytelling, he started making comics in the late 1970s. His first album, 'Trucker', was published by Becker und Knigge in 1978. In 1981, he started a series of comic adaptations of short stories by the American writer Charles Bukowski, collected in an album by Heyne. In addition, Schultheiss provided artwork for several communication and press assignments, and illustrated the section 'Die Grüne Hölle' in Stern magazine.

Le Rêve du Requin, by Matthias Schultheiss
'Le Rêve du Requin'. 

Since 1982, Schultheiss was present on the French market with contributions to magazines like L'Écho des Savanes and USA Magazine. In 1985, he made 'Guerres Froides' ('Kalter Krieg') with the publishing house Albin Michel. For this same publisher, he began the series 'Le Théorème de Bell' ('Die Wahrheit über Shelby'), first published in L'Écho des Savanes. For the magazine Circus of the publishing house Glénat, he made 'Le Rêve du Requin'. He made his first cinematographic storyboard, 'Le Chant des Baleines', in 1986. A year later, he produced 'Stromer' for the German publisher Hummel.

Le Théor§eme de Bell, by Matthias Schultheiss
'Le Théorème de Bell'. 

In 1990, Schultheiss made the independent comic book 'Night Taxi', published by Carlsen in Germany and by Delcourt in France. He then took on the erotic story 'Sois Vicieux' ('Talk Dirty'), published by Glénat and Hummel. In 1993, his comic 'Propellerman' was published by the American publisher Dark Horse. He was one of several artists to make drawings for the "safe sex" promotional book 'Les Aventures de Latex' (FortMedia, 1991)

A Couple Of Wings, by Matthias Schultheiss
'A Couple Of Wings'.

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