El Buscabrocas by Schwantz

Hans Klaver, who works under the pseudonym Schwantz, has been working as an illustrator since 2000. He has contributed his comics to several magazines. He was present in MYX, and created the surly truck driver 'Mr Mack' for Zone 5300. His pantomime Mexican wrestling strip 'El Buscabrocas' was published in Speijk. He was strongly influenced by Tex Avery, Benito Jacovitti and Don Martin.

Pampus by Schwantz

Schwantz is however best known for his daily comic strip 'Beestjes' that is published in the free tabloid newspaper Spits since 2007, and continued in Metro from 2014. The strip with a cast of grumpy animals in illogical situations is collected in book format by Silvester since 2008. The paper cancelled 'Beestjes' in July 2017.

Beestjes, by Schwantz

He has made illustrations for FHM, Music Minded, Veronica Magazine, and Voetbalmagazine. He also does comics in commission, such as the 2008 multicultural comic 'Haarlem van Heinde en Ver' with Pieter van Oudheusden. Klaver has participated in anthologies like 'Oost West', 'Bloeddorst', 'Mooi is dat' and 'Filmfanfare'. He is represented by the Comic House agency.

Haarlem van heinde en verBeestjes, by Hans Klaver (Schwantz)
Haarlem van heinde en ver


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