Transformers vs GI Joe by Tom Scioli
Transformers vs. GI Joe #3

Tom Scioli is an American comic book artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started out making the fantasy series 'The Myth of 8-Opus', that won him a Xeric Grant in 1999. After a short appearance in Marvel's 'Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine' mini-series in 2001, he started doing more regular work for Image Comics from 2005. He has worked on such titles as the 'Freedom Force' mini-series with Eric Dieter and the SF opera 'Gødland' with writer Joe Casey. In 2014 he was co-writer and artist of the new 'Transformers vs. G.I.Joe' series for IDW. His art is strongly inspired by Jack Kirby.

Godland by Tom Scioli
Godland #1

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