Son of the Wolf, by Imre Sebök
Jack London's Call of the Wild (Wolfsblut, Der Trommel 1983-84)

Imre Sebök was a Hungarian comic book artist, one of the most important creators of the socialist era. He was born on 6 August 1906, in Apostag. The young man of peasant origin attended Feics Jenö's drawing school, but he had to give it up, due to his narrow circumstances.

Treasure Island by Imre Sebok
Treasure Island

His first works debuted in Tolnai Világnapja and besides producing illustrations for numerous newspapers, he also painted a myriad of pulp novel covers. His first humorous strips were published in 1942 on the pages of Gyermekvilág. His racy drawings appeared in Pesti Izé and boosted him to a star status.

Egy ember, akinek élnie kell by Imre Sebok
Egy ember, akinek élnie kell

He painted a 52-piece playing card set and illustrated such slide-films like 'Ben Hur', 'Robinson Crusoe', or the 'Treasure Island'. He considered himself a painter in the first place, therefore his comics are based on the contrast of shadow and light, a technique nearly related to the art of painting.

After 1958, he became a regular artist at Magyar Ifjúság and later, in 1962, at Népszava. The comics he drew during this period were scripted by Tibor Cs. Horváth.

Asztronauták, drawn by Imre Sebok
Asztronauták (Stanislaw Lem's The Astronauts)

Most of these works were also published in comic book magazines in Eastern Germany. For example his adaptation of Jack London's 'Call of the wild' (adapted/titled in Hungary as 'Farkasvér') appeared in Der Trommel and Frösi as 'Wolfsblut' in 1983-84.

Robinson Crusoe, by Imre Sebok
Robinson Crusoe

Drawing 3-panel strips on a daily basis for Népszava made him cloyed and after 1966 his style got stale. His compositions did work, yet the details left much to be desired. 1973 brought an end to the daily grind and in the evening of his life, the maestro virtuoso made his return to graphic art. His last works appeared in Képes Nyelvmester.

comic by Imre Sebok
Jack London's The Mexican

His main works are Victor Hugo's 'A párizsi Notre Dame' (1958), Lewis Wallace's 'Ben Hur' (1960), Jack London's 'A maják kincse' ('Hearts of three', 1962), Ferenc Molnár's 'A Pál utcai fiúk' ('Paul Street boys', 1964), William Faulkner's 'Sírgyalázók' ('Intruder in the dust', 1965) and Homer's 'Odüsszeia' ('Odyssey', 1975).

Imre Sebok self-portraitImre Sebok

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