Lobo, by Val Semeiks
Lobo #0

Val Semeiks is a comic book artist of Latvian origins. He began his artistic career as an art director with a regional ad agency, and started working in the comics field in 1986. His first professional work was drawing 'King Bull' back-up stories for Marvel's 'The Savage Sword of Conan'. He then took on the regular 'Conan the Barbarian' comic. By this time, he became a full-time comic artist.

After 'Conan', Semeiks had long runs on 'The Demon' and 'Lobo' at DC Comics, working with writer Alan Grant. He also did the crossover graphic novel 'Lobo/Judge Dredd: Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants From Hell' for DC/2000AD in 1995.

Conan the Barbarian by Val Semeiks
Conan the Barbarian (Marvel) #202

He then turned to Marvel, where he had runs on 'X-Men' and 'Wolverine' under editor Larry Hama. Back at DC, he worked on a couple of 'JLA' series with Grant Morrison, including 'JLA/WildC.A.T.S. and 'DC One Million'. He also made the limited series 'Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor' with David Michelinie (1999) and stories of 'Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight' with Dwayne McDuffie.

Semeiks has also done humorous work for MAD Magazine and the 'Big Book' series of Paradox Press. He has continued to work for Marvel and DC, though, including assignments on 'Villains United', 'Flash', 'She Hulk', and 'Web of Spider-Man'.

DC One Million by Val Semeiks
DC One Million


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