Allan Kämpe, by Eugen Semitjov
Allan Kämpe

Eugen Semitjov was a Swedish comic artist, author and journalist of Russian descent. The Semitjov family had left the communist Soviet Union to settle in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 1920s. The son of a science fiction writer, he developed a keen interest in the future, space travel and futuristic worlds. During his career as a journalist he wrote a great many insightful articles accompanied by his own illustrations, that predicted the future.

Semitjov studied at Bergh Art Academy, where he took classes from artists like Bovil. By December 1942 he created his best-known comics serial, the Flash Gordon-inspired science fiction story 'Allan Kämpe'. The strip was a daily newspaper strip, as well as a weekly full-page comic in Veckans Serier, that ran until 1957.

Allan Kämpe, by Eugen Semitjov

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