Transformers, by Geoff Senior
Transformers US #66

Geoff Senior has been a Marvel UK mainstay for many years, and is especially known for his work on the 'Transformers' title. He worked on the UK title with writer Simon Furman from 1986 to 1990, while also drawing for other Marvel UK and IPC titles like Doctor Who Magazine, Action Force Weekly, 2000 AD and some annuals. He furthermore was co-creator of titles like 'Dragon's Claws' and 'Death's Head'.

Senior followed Furman to the US title of 'Transformers' in 1989. He drew several other titles during the early 1990s, such as 'Hell's Angel' (later known as 'Dark Angel'), several issues of 'What If...?' as well as 'Transformers: Generation 2'. More recently, Senior has worked almost exclusively within the advertising industry, turning out a large amount of animatics, storyboards and concept designs.

Transformers, by Geoff Senior
Transformers US #75

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