Tip y Coll, by Serafín
'Tip y Coll'. 

Serafín was born in Madrid but he moved to Valencia during the Spanish Civil War. He published his first comic in Peques, a supplement of newspaper La Jornada in 1941. He joined Jaimito in 1943. He collaborated on this and other magazines of the publishing house Valenciana for long years. Throughout his career Serafín created a large number of humorous characters, such as 'Doña Tere, Don Panchito y su Hijo Teresito', 'El Astronauta Saturnino Chiquiflauta' and 'Tip y Coll' in Jaimito and 'Doña Paca Cotilla' and 'Pintador Talí' in Trampolín. He also collaborated with other magazines, such as S.O.S., Mariló, Pumby and Ama.

El Autobusito Pepin, by Serafin
'El Autobusito Pepín'. 

In the early 1950s Serafín joined the satirical magazine La Codorniz, where he reached the summit of his career. There, he created his popular marchionesses, depicted as opulent and décolleté drinkers. Serafín started to be known as 'El Marqués de Serafín' at the time. Serafín illustrated several humorous books, such as 'Las Nobles Brutas' (1972), 'Carmen Underground' (1974) and '¡Luz y Pornógrafos!' (1996). After the disappearance of La Codorniz in 1977, Serafín had to face financial difficulties and problems with his health. During the last years of his career he could hardly overcome the adversities by working in advertising, selling drawings and paintings and collaborating on La Golondriz and other magazines.

El Marques de Serafin, by Serafín
'El Marqués de Serafin'. 

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