comic art by Gerhard Seyfried

After two years of art school, Gerhard Seyfried made his first illustrations in several alternative magazines. He moved to Berlin, where he became one of the most popular German alternative comic artists. In 1978, he completed his first album, 'Wo Soll Das Alles Enden?' for the publisher Rotbuch, followed a year later with 'Freakadellen und Bulletten'. Seyfried became more and more inspired by Gilbert Shelton, which can especially be seen in his album 'Invasion aus dem Altag'. Seyfried continued creating comics, all inspired by his own environment, throughout the 1980s and 1990s ('Das Schwarze Imperium', 'Flucht aus Berlin'). Gerhard Seyfried won the Max und Moritz prize in 1990.

Bullen, Bonzen und Berliner, by Gerhard SeyfriedLet the bad times roll, by Gerhard Seyfried
(in German)

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