Testament, by Liam Sharp
Testament #1 (February 2006)

Liam Sharp was born in Derby, United Kingdom. At age 12, upon the advice of the Gifted Children Society, an Art Scholarship was created for him at St. Andrews Prep. School, Eastbourne. At age 17, Sharp was introduced to the legendary Don Lawrence. This led to a one year apprenticeship which in turn opened the doors for him at the 2.000 AD offices in London. Over the next few years, he drew several 'Judge Dredd' stories, the origin of 'Finn' for Pat Mills, and eventually 'ABC Warriors'.

Testament, by Liam Sharp
Testament #1 (April 2006)

His next work was for Marvel UK, where he created the very successful 'Death's Head II', which also earned him fame in the USA. He eventually went to work for the US market, illustrating among others 'X-Men', 'The Hulk', 'Spider-Man', 'Venom', 'The Manthing' for Marvel Comics, 'Superman' and 'Batman' titles for DC Comics, Frazetta's 'Death Dealer' and 'Jaguar God' for Verotik, 'Spawn: the Dark Ages' for Todd McFarlane, 'Realm of the Claw' for Stan Winston and Image. Sharp also worked fro Hasbro to produce designs for the movie 'Small Soldiers' and the animated series 'Batman: Beyond'. He also did concept designs for the movie 'Lost in Space', with Geoff Johns and Kris Grimminger.

Death Dealer, by Liam Sharp
Death Dealer

The Art of Liam Sharp

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