The Seventh Cross by William Sharp
'The Seventh Cross', novel by Anna Seghers (Le Petit Journal, 9 January 1944).

William M. Sharp was an Austrian cartoonist, who eventually became successful in the United States. Sharp attended the Academy for Arts and Industry in Lemberg, Austria, and he began his career as a designer of stained-glass windows and mural painter. After serving in the German army in World War I, he became a newspaper artist in Berlin. His anti-Nazi cartoons eventually made him leave the country and settle in the United States in 1934.

Betrayal from the East, by William Sharp

In the States, he started out making courtroom sketches for the New York Mirror and eventually became a staff cartoonist for Esquire. He additionally contributed to The New York Times Magazine, Life, Collier's, Coronet and The New York Post. Sharp also illustrated several novels, among others by Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Mann. He was one of the main illustrators for the comic adaptations of novels that King Features distributed in cooperation with the Book-of-the-Month Club. Sharp illustrated 'The Seventh Cross' (1942), 'Combined Operations' (1943), 'Into Occupied France and Out' (1943) and 'Betrayal from the East' (1944).

Betrayal from the East, by William Sharp
'Betrayal from the East'. 

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