Star Spangled Comics, by Hal Sherman

Harold Sherman, born Harold Sicherman, was a comic artist during the Golden Age of Comics. He was a gag cartoonist and was present at National/DC with 'The Star Spangled Kid', created with Jerry Siegel and published in Star Spangled Comics during the 1940s. He created a character called 'Wonder Woman' in 1940, which he wanted to sell shortly before the Marston/Peters character appeared. Sherman was also present in DC's Leading Comics and More Fun Comics, as well as Better Publications' Startling Comics. He worked on 'Star Spangled Kid' until June 1943, when he went into the service. After World War II (circa 1946), he assisted Bernard Bailey on backgrounds of 'The Spectre'. Later he returned to gag cartooning. He also did work on the Harvey character 'Spooky'.

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