Princess Kagua, by Reiko Shimizu

Reiko Shimizu is a Japanese mangaka, also known for her illustrations of tarot cards. She debuted in 1983 with 'Sansaro Monogatari' for LaLa. Her subsequent, mainly sci-fi stories, were also published in LaLa. In her manga 'Milky Way' she introduced the robot characters Jack and Elena, who also starred in later mangas like 'Ryu no nemeru hoshi' (1988-93).

Shimizu's best known serial is 'Princess Kagua', published in Hana to Yume since 1994. Reiko Shimizu works mainly for publisher Hakusensha in the shoujo genre. Other successful manga was the thriller 'Himitsu' for Melody magazine.

Waltz, by Reiko Shimizu

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