comic art by Kotobuki Shiriagari

Kotobuki Shiriagari is the pen name of Kotobuki Shiriagari, a mangaka known for his darkly humorous manga comic books. Active in the field of advertising from 1981 to 1994, he began working on mangas in 1985. His cartoons appear regularly in popular magazines. He was a contributor to Comic Beam and to the experimental manga magazine AX, from its first issue in 1998. His best known works are 'Jijö Oyaji 2000' (2000), 'Yajikita in Deep' (1997-2002) and 'Futago no Oyaji' (1998-2001). Kotobuki has also created PC games for Sonic Music Entertainment.

comic art by Kotobuki Shiriagaricomic art by Kotobuki Shiriagaricomic art by Kotobuki Shiriagari

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