The Vision by Syd Shores
'The Vision' (Marvel Mystery Comics #41, March 1943).

Syd Shores was one of the great "Golden Age" artists. Shores studied commercial art at the Pratt Institute in New York. He worked for years in his uncle's whiskey bottling plant, before he took on an apprenticeship in the art studio of Phil Sturm, Harry Chessler and Mac Raboy. Soon afterwards he was hired by Jack Kirby to do inking work at Timely publishers. Shores worked on the first issue of 'Captain America' as an inker. From 1942 he also did the pencilling on the comic.

Daredevil, by Syd Shores

In late 1942, Shores joined the U.S. Army and fought in France and Germany. In 1946 he returned to his job at Timely and the 'Captain America' comic. In the following years, Shores illustrated many Golden Age books, such as 'The Black Rider', 'Kid Colt Outlaw', 'The Human Torch', 'Sub-Mariner' and many westerns and romance books.

Captain America by Syd Shores
Captain America wears the Cobra Ring of Death.

Shores continued his comics work as a freelancer from 1948, this time for several comic groups (Atlas, Avon Publishing, Orbit Publications). In the early 1950s, he started a private studio with fellow artists Mort Lawrence and Norman Steinberg. Shores was out of work during the "comics crisis" in 1957, but in the 1960s he returned for a second career at Marvel. Syd Shores died in 1973 of a heart seizure.

Syd Shores was an influence on Julio Shimamoto.

Captain America, by Syd Shores
'Captain America'. 

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