comic art by Siauw Tik Kwie

Siauw Tik Kwie was born in Surakarta in 1913. He studied at the Hwe Kuan Tionghoa School, a special school for Indonesians of Chinese descent. In 1930 he met Kwee Tek Hoang, who was planning to launch a new magazine called Moestika Dharma. Siauw Tik kwie was asked to help him publish all the Moestika publications, and he moved to Jakarta in 1931.

Kang Lam Hiap Soe, by Siauw Tik Kwie
Kang Lam Hiap Soe

There he followed lessons of painters such as Saenerberg, H. V. Velthuisen and Jan Frank. He met several comic artists and founded the artists society Mei Shu Yen Tsui Hui. He created comics himself as well, such as 'Sie Djin Koei' and 'Kang Lam Hiap Soe' for several newspapers.

Sie Sjin Koei, by Siauw Tik Kwie
Sie Sjin Koei

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