Elektra: Assassin, by Bill Sienkiewicz
'Elektra: Assassin'.

Bill Sienkiewicz began his career as an exponent of superhero comic artists, then he went deeper into comics and other forms of art. Born Boleslav Felix Robert Sienkiewicz in Blakely, Pennsylvania, he grew up in New Jersey and attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey. He found his first job with Marvel Comics, drawing 'Moon Knight' in The Hulk magazine, and in the 'Moon Knight' title from 1981. Sienkiewicz later drew 'New Mutants' and established himself as a distinctive cover painter.

Shadow by Bill Sienkiewicz
'Shadow' #1 (August 1987).

Together with writer Alan Moore, he worked on the 1986 'Brought to Light' graphic novel and created the uncompleted series 'Big Numbers' in 1988. The acclaimed mini-series 'Stray Toasters' he did alone for Epic Comics in 1988, and it became a big success (re-released by Graphitti Designs). He also drew the 'Elektra: Assassin' mini-series for Frank Miller in 1986, for which he received the prestigious Yellow Kid Award and the Kirby Award. Two years later, Sienkiewicz painted the Classics Illustrated adaptation of the novel 'Moby-Dick'.

For DC Comics, he has worked on titles like 'The Shadow', 'Superman: Day of Doom', 'Batman: GCPD', and on a number of fill-ins. His additional Marvel credits include 'Fantastic Four', 'Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man' and 'Uncanny X-Men'.

Voodoo Child, by Bill Sienkiewicz
'Voodoo Child'. 

Later mainly active outside comics, Sienkiwicz produced the acclaimed artwork for the painted Jimi Hendrix biography, 'Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix' (Viking Penguin, 1995), and provided cover art for records by Bruce Cockburn, EPMB and RZA. He is active as an illustrator for Entertainment Weekly and Spin Magazine. In 2007, he pencilled the '30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow' graphic novel.

Bill Sienkiewicz has won many awards, received two Emmy nominations, worked on many successful films, has exhibited all over the world, and has had a major impact on the field of comic books.

Electra Assassin, artwork by Sienkiewicz
'Electra Assassin'.


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