comic art by Josh Simmons

Joshua Hall Simmons grew up in the small town Coventry, Connecticut. He started living and traveling with the End of the World Circus/ Know Nothing Family Zirkus Zideshow back in 2000. His short comic strips have appeared in SPX (2002), and in several anthologies like 'Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions' (2003), 'Top Shelf Under the Big Top' (1999), 'Kramers Ergot' 4 (Avodah Books, 2002), 'True Porn', 'Typewriter' 6 (2004), 'Big Dumb Fun', Tower's PULSE!, and 'Studygroup 12' #3. In 2001, Top Shelf published the Small Batch book 'Cirkus NEW Orleans', a journal account of his time spent with the Cirkus. The best sampling of his work, though, is to be found in the 4 issues of 'Happy' published by Top Shelf Productions from 2001 to 2004, his solo anthology comic.

Happy by Josh Simmons

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