Manhunter#442, by Walt Simonson, 1974
'Manhunter' (#442, 1974).

While Walter Simonson was in art school, he became interested in the challenges of creating comic books. He wrote and drew a 50-page graphic story 'The Star Slammers' for his senior degree project. In 1972, he began drawing comic books professionally as a freelance artist.

comic art by Walt Simonson, 1975

Working for several companies he drew characters such as 'Dr. Fate', the 'Metal Men', 'Hercules Unbound', 'Batman', and 'The Hulk'. In 1983, he started writing and drawing the adventures of 'The Mighty Thor' for Marvel Comics. For his work on Thor he won the Haxtur Prize Award as Best Writer.

Manhunter, by Walter Simonson

During the 1990s, Walt Simonson worked on a number of projects. Some titles he was involved with include 'X-Factor', the 'Avengers', the 'Fantastic Four', 'Cyberforce', and 'GEN-13'. Walter then created the on-going monthly series 'Orion' for DC Comics.

In 1999 an asteroid was named after Walter Simonson.

Starwars Galayxy, by Walt Simonson
'Star Wars Galaxy'. 

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