4000 by Istock Sitar

Iztok Sitar was born in 1962 in Ljubljana where he later graduated from the graphical branch of the School of Design. His first and slightly autobiographic comic entitled 'Who killed the Comics' Drawer' was published in 1984 in the literary magazine Mentor. Since then, signed with his name or the pseudonym Ninel, his comics have been published in most Slovenian magazines and newspapers. In 1990 he published his first comic album 'Sperm and Blood', which, due to its hermetic content and non-conventional drawing, was generally considered as an underground piece of art.

Sperm and blood by Istok Sitar
Sperm and blood

Therefore in 1992 Sitar decided to take a more commercial approach and started to publish a humorous daily comic strip called 'Peggy Red' in the newspaper Dnevnik, where it continued to be published for a whole decade. Also in 1992 Sitar left his job as a graphic designer and has fully devoted his professional career to comics.

Up until 2013, he has published 15 quite different albums in terms of genre, including those intended for kids and teenagers ('Diary of Anna Tank') as well as the erotic ('Woman who Makes Love to a Cat') and socio-political ones ('Black Men, White Bones', '4000', 'The Heads', 'The Story of God'). In the latter, being his favourite genre, he holds a mirror to Slovenian politics, in particular to the right-oriented wing and to the Catholic Church.

Tisa by Iztok Sitar

In addition to drawing, Sitar also deals with the theory of comics. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Slovenian comic in 2007 he published the first ever national monograph on this topic - 'The History of Slovenian Comics' - in which 80 most significant authors are presented by the word and pictures. Sitar belongs to the Third generation of Slovenian comic authors, which at the end of 1980s of the last century established the so-called New Slovenian comic. They were characterised by the freedom of any prejudices and traditional respect towards sex, politics and Church.

Woman & Cat by Iztok Sitar
Woman who Makes Love to a Cat

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