Hilvert en Hille, by Ger Sligte

Ger Sligte was an artist for the Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale (AJC) between 1918 and 1958. Born in Den Helder, Sligte got his artistic education in Amsterdam, and had his first job as a house painter. He got his apprenticeship as a painter from his friend Bob Buys. He then worked for an advertising agency, and eventually became an independent illustrator.

Mieke Meier, by Ger Sligte 1935Mieke Meier, by Ger Sligte 1935

For the JAC, he made illustrations for Het Jonge Volk, and the silent gag comic 'Mieke Meijer' in the monthly De Wiekslag in 1934. The strip ran until 1959 in several incarnations of this magazine. During the late 1930s, he also contributed 'Hilvert en Hille' to the children's supplement of the magazine Wij.

Ali Kruuk, by Ger Sligte

In 1949, Sligte began a second silent gag comic, 'Bertje Branie' in De Snelwiek, also published by AJC. In addition to his work for AJC, Sligte drew 'Ali Kruuk' in De Spiegel between 1949 and 1953. He continued to work on this series in this series in the 1970s. However, he had to cancel his activities in 1975 due to illness.

illustration from De Wiekslag, by Ger Sligte (1938)

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